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Both Sides of the Story
An Engagement
By Gerry and Sarah Dale

She tells...(The Truth)
He tells...(The Other Stuff)
Here's how he proposed: Okay this is how it went.
We went to Chicago to celebrate our six month anniversary. We took a train to Chicago, all dolled up in our bestest best outfits. Wow she was beautiful.
We ate at Be-Bop Joe's Jazz Cafe at Navy Pier, Once we found Navy Pier, we got a nice dinner at this one restaurant with awesome jazz. She had the popcorn shrimp and I had this combination platter with babyback ribs and brisket. Oh yum now I'm hungry.
Then walked along the pier until it got dark enough to ride the ferris wheel under the stars. I remember we saw a bunch of old people who were all dolled up too, but they were getting onto these cruise ships. It was funny, because they were wrinkly looking.
Let me say here that I wore high heel shoes, so most of the day my feet were hurting so bad that i was walking around barefoot most of the day. We were both really hurting, her moreso. I was wearing a new pair of dressy shoes, and now I'm blistered. They're starting to get comfortable now, but wearing them all day took its effect.
Moving on... So, I was expecting him to propose on the ferris wheel, and he knew that, She had told me so many times that she loved ferris wheels. I'm not very good with heights, but I figured it would be okay. Then her roommates and I came up with a plan...
So when we were about halfway up, he told me, "I was going to propose to you on the ferris wheel, but I left the ring in my bag back at the college." This is what I like to call a 'necessary deception'. I wanted her to be at least partially surprised, so it had to be somewhere she wasn't expecting it.
I have to say I was disappointed... I really wanted him to ask on the ferris wheel. I was averting my eyes from hers, because I know if I looked into her eyes I would have to tell her the truth, so I acted all ashamed and stuff.
So we were walking along, trying to find this "place" that one of my roommates had suggested we go to, just to sit and relax a little. I had been planning to take her to the Buckingham Fountain and propose there. But, sadly, things always tend to go wrong. I blame Chicago.
Well-- We got lost. I kept thinking of the Batman origin. I was paranoid we'd get mugged or shot or something.
We must've taken a wrong turn or something, but we finally found our way back up to civilization. I had never been so relieved to see a "DON'T WALK" sign.
We decided to just get back to the train station and forget about the place, which turned out to be Buckingham Fountain. Yeah, at this point I was getting frantic. I didn't want to put it off another few weeks.
So as we were walking back to the train station, I was trying my hardest to not show how disappointed I was, which was really hard to do. While she was trying not to seem disappointed, I was so busy trying to find a nice place to stop and propose. Every time I found some nice place, something was wrong. Once we found this nice place that was dimly lit, but some skater kids showed up just as I was checking it out. I was so mad.
So we saw a little flower bed type thing by the Chicago Tribune building, and we stopped to rest for a minute, cuz the flowers were really pretty and so was the building. I really didn't know it was the Chicago Tribune. I just liked the scenery. That and Cheese said something about how she always loved it.
So we were just sitting there,and Gerry started saying "you know, this day did NOT turn out the way I expected it to. First the ferris wheel, then your shoes, then the fountain....but-- It all comes to this one end." Smooth line, huh? Okay, probably not.
At this point I knew what was coming, so my heart was doing flip-flops. He stood up in front of me, and since I knew what he was doing, I just kinda sat there fidgeting. I kinda figured she knew what was coming, so I figured this would be it.
He was looking at the building behind us, so I turned around and said (only because I was nervous! Not because I'm retarded or anything) "Oh, I didn't notice that statue of a man back there." Yeah, we both noticed how blatantly obvious she was. It was cute, though.
So then I look back up at Mouse, and he said "Well, this wasn't how I planned to do this, but...*gets on his knee* Will you marry me?" What can I say, it was my moment of moronic genius.
By this time I was crying and of course I said yes, and hugged him, and cried. It was beautiful! Definitely a great story to tell our kids someday. Yeah, they'll laugh and cry and maybe even write a book.
So there you go! We are both blissfully happy and giddy and all that good stuff. If you see either one of us, feel free to just cover us with congratulations and such! We'll bask in the attention--Just kidding! I'll accept monetary donations.
Portions of this story edited for anonymity of certain parties. Don't want ya'll stalking us, do we? I do enough stalking for anyone!
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All rights reserved.

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